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How do I receive my RUBI?

All RUBI tokens for this presale round will be distributed once they're available. You can prepare to receive your RUBI by adding the contract address to your Metamask (or similar ERC-20-compatible wallet) here:


How do I know my transaction went through?

When you send your funds to the wallet address above, a transaction record will be created on the blockchain that serves as your receipt of payment. You can search this transaction on If you are using the Brave browser, you can just cut and paste the transaction record directly from your wallet and the transactions will appear.

What happens if I buy and all the presale tokens are sold?

The easy answer is, buy early! However in the unlikely event you do run into a timing issue, it will only be within the 24 hour period when we hit our limit and we will simply return your funds in a timely manner. Feel free to fill out our contact form and a human will return your message and walk you through the process as necessary.

How many presale tokens are left?

The RUBI presale wallet contains a finite amount of 20,000 tokens. You can check the wallet address on Etherscan (see above) to validate how many are left. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Is there a minimum investment required to own RUBI?

There is no minimum, RUBI is a coin for everyone! Whether you can only afford $10 worth, or 100+ tokens, we do not discriminate. Like many other large coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) that are worth a considerable amount, RUBI is fractionalized, meaning it can be divided (almost) as many times as needed.

I've never bought cryptocurrency before, how do I buy Rubicoin?

No problem! Buying crypto has become far easier (and less scary) these days.

Here is a high-level guide:

1. Convert your physical currency (fiat) to cryptocurrency.

This is done at a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken, Gemini, etc. Each exchange has positives and negatives, we recommend you do 10 mins of research to choose the best exchange for you. Once you set up your account, exchange your fiat currency for one of the accepted coins listed above (it works just like any online purchase). More on exchanges here.

2. Set up a Metamask wallet.

Metamask is a browser-based digital wallet and known for it's ease of use. We recommend using it combined with the Brave browser for security. You can find an easy step-by-step guide for setting this up here. (Note: we will begin to support more wallets in the coming weeks and months).

3. Fund your newly created Metamask wallet with your newly purchased cryptocurrency.

There will be a guide on how to send currency from your chosen exchange in the "help" section, then to receive the tokens in your Metamask wallet you can follow this short guide here.

4. Send your crypto from your Metamask wallet to the Rubicoin presale address above (you can follow the same guide from step 3 for this).

5. Add the Rubicoin (RUBI) contract address to your wallet by following the instructions in the first item in this FAQ.

That's it! Once distribution commences your newly minted RUBI will appear in your Metamask wallet.



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